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Retired K9 Rüdiger Needs our Help


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K9 Rüdiger waiting for surgery at UC Davis

In 2015, this community came together to purchase Rüdiger, his vehicle, training, food and veterinary— he became the first 100% community-funded law enforcement K9 in the nation. Rüe won our hearts and paved the way for 24/7 countywide K9 coverage.

Rüdiger selflessly served our community for 7 years. He made our towns safer by helping to locate large quantities of narcotics, weaponry and illegal cash. He protected two human partners and their families. He apprehended dangerous people. He became an ambassador between local law enforcement and those living, working and playing in Nevada City and Grass Valley.

Rüdiger officially retired in late 2021. Part of the commitment we made to him was that we would repay his service to the community by making sure he was taken care of in retirement.

On Tuesday, Rüdiger will be undergoing an extensive surgery at UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This is a costly operation and we need to again ask this amazing community that has supported his career to step up and provide resources. We owe him this, for all he has given us.

If you are able, please consider a donation of whatever you are able to afford.  

If you’re unable to offer financial support, please send healing thoughts to our namesake, that sweet and wonderful retired K9 Officer Rüdiger. 💙🐕💙






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