How can you help?

Sponsor a K9 with a monthly sustainable donation.

  • Feed a K9- ($350/mo): Unlike the average family pet, a working K9 is extremely active and requires a diet formulated to meet its increased energy and nutrient demands. These K9 Officers are often exposed to all types of climates and high-stress situations. Much like an athlete, they must stay in good health and fitness. For this reason it is important that our K9’s receive high quality food.

  • Train a K9 – ($300/mo): Each K9 and handler are required to complete rigorous initial training and testing in order to certify for patrol. The initial training course per K9 and handler is approximately $6,500 but it does not stop there. In order for the team to perform professionally and safely, each team has to train on a bi-weekly basis for the duration of their career. Your monthly donation for training will keep our K9 teams well prepared for duty and provide them the tools they need to keep the community and themselves safe

  • Dress a K9- ($200/mo): Specialty equipment for K9 Officer Safety is of utmost importance. K9s can be subject to dangerous situations and require protective equipment to ensure their safety. Equipment needs include bullet/stab resistant vests, K9 cameras, climate controlled kennels, collars, etc. This equipment is costly and most must be custom designed; each custom-fitted K9 vest costs approximately $2,400. Your monthly equipment donation will make sure our K9s are outfitted for safety at all times.

  • Emergency Medical Fund – ($100/mo): Our K9s sometimes require medical care that is above and beyond that provided by their individual veterinarians who graciously donate services. On the occasion that a K9 needs to be seen by specialized or emergency veterinarians it is imperative we have the earmarked funds on hand to provide immediate financial support.