With any profession, there comes a time when a K9 retires. In a perfect world, this would happen when the K9 reaches retirement age. But unfortunately, this is not always the case and sometimes K9’s become sick or injured and are no longer able to work.

Rüdiger Foundation is committed to providing for our K9s throughout the entirety of their life. Help a K9 officer retire with an earmarked fund that will provide necessary veterinary care, food, treats, toys and supplies. We intend to meet all retirement needs of these deserving K9s. Your commitment to the K9 Officer of your choice will remain with that K9 until it is no longer needed and will then be directed to another K9 Officer of your choosing. For more information please contact development@rufk9.org

Retired K9 Miro and Ranger Gilbertson.  K9 Miro was retired in 2019 after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.  He is undergoing experimental treatment at UC Davis Medical to treat this condition and give Miro the long retirement life that he deserves.