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It costs approximately $100,000 to put a K9 Officer on the street. Expenses include the K9 acquisition, the initial training and all the specialized equipment such as the K9 vehicle, bullet-resistant vest, body worn camera, and the kennel. The expenses don't stop there. There are continual costs for bi-weekly training throughout the career of each dog, food, annual and emergency veterinary care, occasional offsite kenneling, specialty equipment, ongoing equipment maintenance and replacement and retirement benefits. All of this takes the generous support from just people like you.

The Rüdiger Foundation is committed to funding local K9 Officers with the ultimate goal of 24/7 cover-age 365 days per year throughout Nevada County.

How can you help?

  • Attend our annual fundraiser event — Paw and Order
  • Visit and "like" Rüdiger Foundation on Facebook
  • Join the Rüdiger Foundation volunteer team
  • Sponsor the 2019 Paw & Order Dinner & Auction
  • Attend the 2019 Paw & Order Dinner & Auction
  • Provide an item or service for the 2019 Paw & Order Auction
  • Name the Rüdiger Foundation in your estate plan
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