K9 Rudiger
Status: Active
Agency: Grass Valley Police Dept
Birthplace: Trstena Slovakia
Favorite Activity: Eating
Favorite Food: Literally Anything
Favorite Toy: Ball on Tether
Quirky Habits: Nurses on his dog bed
Handler: Officer Cloyd

My time with K9 Rudiger has been hands down the best experience of my Law Enforcement career. The unconditional bond that is formed between K9 and his/her handler is not comparable to anything I have ever experienced. From the unparalleled faithfulness, to simply talking out loud to him while we drive around on patrol (and everything in between), Rudiger is always there for me. Rudiger is a member of my family, a protector, a partner and a friend.

Rudiger   Officer Cloyd and K9 Rudiger touting a Vehicle Search award won at the Placer County K9 Trials
K9 Kano
Status: Active
Agency: Grass Valley Police Dept
Birthplace: Holland
Favorite Activity: Biting decoys during training
Favorite Food: Raw Chicken
Favorite Toy: Any ball
Quirky Habits: Sleeps on his back
Handler: Officer Butler
Kano   K9 Kano at the Placer County K9 Trials   Officer Butler and K9 Kano
K9 Ranger
Status: Active
Agency: Nevada County Sheriff's Office
Birthplace: France
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Favorite Food: String Cheese
Favorite Toy: Red Kong
Quirky Habits: Staring Contest
Handler: Deputy Stanis

It has been a great opportunity, both professionally and personally, to have Ranger as my partner. From the day I picked him up to our first patrol shift together, Ranger has shown an amazing ability to pick things up quickly as a working dog. He quickly became a member of the family at home and with the Deputies at work. I'm excited to grow with Ranger as he learns and as he continues to teach me new things. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity the Nevada County Sheriffs Office has given me by allowing me to have Ranger as a partner.

Deputy Stanis and K9 Ranger   K9 Ranger reporting for duty
K9 Miro
Status: Retired
Agency: California State Parks
Birthplace: Czech Republic
Favorite Activity: swimming and playing tug of war
Favorite Food: french fries
Favorite Toy: Cuz Ball after he has eaten the feet
Quirky Habits: tossing toy in your lap when you don't pay attention to him.
Handler: Ranger Gilbertson

I was blessed to have Miro as my partner for four years before he unexpectedly retired. As a patrol K9, I had the best of both worlds; he was a lovable and goofy member of the family at home, but completely focused, loyal, and intense at work. Every day, he gave me his everything, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish he was still there riding with me, head on my shoulder, facing whatever challenges thrown our way. My goal now is to return the loyalty, and allow him to enjoy a long and happy retirement.

K9 Miro   K9 Miro and Handler Ranger Gilbertson