K9 Rudiger
K9 Rüdiger – the 1st 100% community funded K9 Officer. Artwork by Kathryn Wronski
Our Mission
The Rüdiger Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 with the mission to provide local law enforcement with K9 resources that demonstrate and enhance an appreciated, supportive work environment, encourage constituency education and connectivity, and foster a safer, healthier community. Our vision is to achieve a thriving relationship between a community and it's law enforcement; fostered, supported, and made safer by it's K9 program.

Our Story
It began with a vision in 2015 and although his small budget was unable to provide for a K9 program, former Nevada City Police Chief Timothy Foley recognized the value of K9 resources. Foley gathered together a group of volunteers and formed the Western Nevada County K9 Association (WNCK9A). With support from the Sean M. Walsh K9 Memorial Foundation and a large donation from an anonymous donor, K9 Rüdiger was purchased for Nevada City. With the on-going support of the community, K9 Rüdiger became the 1st 100% community-funded K9 Officer in the nation.

K9 Rüdiger quickly became a local celebrity. As a law enforcement asset trained in detection, apprehension and protection, Rüe turned into a valuable public relations tool. The community loved him, supported him, and demonstrated a desire to provide additional K9 resources to other local agencies. In 2017, WNCK9A created a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation and memorialized our 1st K9 officer by naming it Rüdiger Foundation.

Today, Rüdiger Foundation enjoys strong support from individuals and businesses. Rüdiger Foundation currently sustains five Nevada County K9 Officers; Rüdiger, Kano, Miro, Augie and Ranger. Rüdiger Foundation’s goal is to achieve 24/7/365 K9 coverage for Nevada County, providing officer and community protection, while enhancing relations between law enforcement and those it serves.

Our local K9 Officers have repeatedly demonstrated that a robust K9 program not only enhances community safety -- These valuable highly trained K9 partners save lives

Rudiger K9

The Why behind the Rüdiger Foundation
Pictured top left: CA State Parks Ranger Gilbertson and K9 Augie,
Top right: Nevada County Sheriff Deputy Stanis and K9 Ranger and Sergeant Corchero
Bottom left: CA State Parks Ranger Gilbertson and Retired K9 Miro
Bottom right: Grass Valley Police Officer Butler and K9 Kano and Officer Cloyd and K9 Rüdiger

K9 Kano with handler Officer Butler
State Parks K9 Miro
K9 Miro takes Top Dog
State Parks Officer Gilbertson and Miro are welcomed by Grass Valley Vet
GVPD K9 Rudiger
K9 Rüdiger Multi-tasking
K9 Rüdiger with handler Officer Cloyd
K9 Rüdiger
Deputy Stanis, K9 Ranger and Sheriff Moon
K9 Ranger all set for duty
Meet the K9's